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Interpreting good form, And delivering great value.
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Regardless of if we are simply providing
general guidance on best procedures, or
it is us managing the entire liquidation
project from the very beginning all the way
through to the home being completely
prepped for inspection by a Realtor.

We have begun to invest a significant
amount of our time and resources into
providing services for families who need
help dealing with an estate, to the point
where we have developed a whole new
website specifically for handling that task.  
Bid On Estates is our subsidiary company.

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Our clients request appraisals for the
following reasons:

Determining Proper Insurance Coverage
Resolving Insurance Claims
Estate Planning and Settlements
Equitable Distributions
Prenuptial Agreements and Divorce
Charitable Donations
Collateral Loans
Disaster Loss
18th, 19th, 20th Century Items.

Scientific and Militaria
Industrial Antiques
Vintage Decor
Plus Much More...