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John Charles Brown began his knowledge of art and antiques starting at an early age, having spent his
childhood learning the trade in his grandparent's antique store. His grandfather, John Lee Brown, Sr., was
one of the preeminent antique dealers in the nation and spent his 50 year career specializing in importing
important pieces in from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, and Italy. Later expanding their
imports to include Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. John worked for his grandfather from early childhood
through his college years and then returned to the business with the passing of his grandfather to assist in
the massive liquidation. John, in cooperation with his father, retained some of the finer stock and eventually
opened John Brown & Sons Antiques Limited. John has also worked in the sales department of a top 50 retail
furniture store and understands the cumulative value of your modern furnishings and decor. He has
successfully passed the USPAP (Universal Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) Exam and has
taken several courses offered by NYU in their program for a Professional Certificate in Appraisal Studies in
Fine and Decorative Arts including IRS Legal Guidelines in Fine and Decorative Arts.  He is a current
member in good standing with the International Society of Appraisers (ISA), one of the most reputable trade
associations in the industry.  John is registered with the state of Pennsylvania as a registered trade assistant
and maintains all necessary bonds and licenses permitting him to conduct online auctions on your behalf.

John C. Brown is well versed in a variety of collecting fields, with emphases on Early American Furniture,
Continental Furniture, Mid-Century Furnishings, American Stoneware, English Porcelains, Folk Art, Sterling
Silver, and Art Glass.

John stays abreast of industry trends by attending and/or exhibiting at key antique shows like Springfield,
Brimfield, Liberty, Burton, etc. He subscribes to periodicals including the Maine Antiques Digest and The
Magazine Antiques. He maintains a massive personal collection of books, trade journals, and period catalog
reprints reflecting a wide range of genres and subject matters. John also embraces technology, maintaining a
proprietary internet site, having bought and sold in thousands of online auctions, and has access to several
comprehensive databases of archived auction prices.