At John Brown's Antiques, Appraisals, and Estate Services we assist our
clients in the liquidation of assets.  Specializing in "Online Auctions", we
can conduct an efficient, organized auction that maximizes realized values
by making your items visible and available for bid to thousands of local
We offer the following:

100% Unbiased Valuations

Discrete Consultations

15 Years of Antique Dealing Experience

Member in good standing of the
International Society
of Appraisers (ISA)
We Auction:

  • Art

  • Antiques

  • Collectibles

  • Furniture

  • Firearms

  • Household Items

  • Appliances

  • Vehicles

  • Whatever needs sold
We can offer guidance in terms of how to liquidate an estate. It is highly suggested that
before you hold your own private estate sale or consign your items to auction, have
one of our professionals come in and assess the items. We can provide
recommendations on pricing and best policies regarding the "how to's" of holding a
private sale. If you find yourself not able to administer a sale for personal reasons
(sentimental attachments, time constraints, or other), we have personnel on hand that
can assist you and oversee the actual operations and logistics of the sale for you.
Estate sales can be awkward situations, professional guidance may well benefit you.

We generally offer two different methods of assistance:

  •         Conducting Online Auctions

  •         Managing On-site Estate Sales

Each activity holds its own set of specific advantages.

A professionally managed Estate Sale permits you the ability to maintain significant
control over the pricing of the items.  If you fear that your items may not sell for what
you believe they are worth, an estate sale allows you to price the items as you wish.  
Please note, for an estate sale to be successful, the items should be priced in accord
with current market value, items priced too high generally will not be sold, negating your
intended goal of liquidating the household's contents.  Contracting with a professional
estate liquidator helps ensure that your items are presented to the public in a desirable
fashion and that the prices are correctly priced for the specific market, not too high and
certainly, not too low.

Online Auctions, (not through Ebay, but via our own in-house auction platform) provide
an open forum for motivated collectors to bid against each other, ensuring the highest
prices are obtained for your items!  Unlike Ebay, where you are required to write
lengthy item descriptions, pack your items, ship your items, handle
customer complaints, and most importantly be LIABLE for loss, broken, or even stolen
items, our auctions are nothing like that.  

The vast majority of items are purchased by local collectors and will be picked up by the
customer at your location (we can also conduct the auction from our warehouse, if your
location is not suitable because of layout, parking, or other issues). Face to face and
completely transparent.  You may be surprised by the net result of one of our well
advertised online auctions, an additional benefit is that there rarely is an unsold item,
so your estate usually can be completely settled within a few hour auction session.  An
added benefit is that there are no “window shoppers”, the only people who will need to
physically come to your home are the people who have bid and already paid for their
items.  Estate sales often have hundreds upon hundreds of people enter the home,
though only a small percentage actually make a purchase.  Because there are
significantly less fixed costs associated with conducting one of our online auctions, this
method often nets the most profit for our clients.
(actual screenshot with realized prices from a recent auction)
Questions about bidding, or the auction in general?  Call 724-761-6068
Online Estate Auctions
We have begun to invest a significant amount of our time and resources
into providing services for families who need help dealing with an estate,
to the point where we have developed a whole new website specifically
for handling that task.  Bid On Estates is our subsidiary company.
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